The first thing I have to do is apologise for the huge gap between posts, but there is a good reason for this: Cosmic Bongo has moved to Italy; and only 50km from the Alps, so I am super pumped about this season, especially with the Alps just sat staring and calling me every time I see them from my bathroom window.

I first want to talk about my last few weeks in London, just after the Winter Olympics, which I do have to say raised the bar this year with the newer snowboarding and skiing events out shining the traditional downhill events (some of you may disagree with me but I don’t care).

So, it was soon after the Winter Olympics a couple of friends wanted to try snowboarding for the first time. So I called our friends at the Hemel Hempstead Snow Center to set up a taster day for my friends with the promise of taking some great photos of the day but alas, as always happens with snowboarding, we had too much fun and forgot to take any photos. I took only a really crappy one from my phone, from the bar and of the back of my mates head, so I have included a pic from the website.

My friends had a blast that day and have been hooked ever since so now they regularly go up to The Snow centre. I do want to talk a bit about Hemel snow centre compared to the other indoor snow centres in the UK. Having ridden most of the centres in the UK, I found the condition of the snow in Hemel by far the best I have ridden so far, for example, in Milton Keynes the snow does tend to get very icy and compact and is a bone shatterer if you have to bail out.

Tamworth, on the other hand, it is sometimes like a scuffing down a cold concrete slab with a turn at the top, and I hate taking a new board there, because I swear, I can see sparks from my edges as I turn.

Last but not least, the Guinness in Hemel is great and a well deserved treat after a hard day falling on your arse especially if you are new to our beloved sport.

This moves me onto the big move to Italy; my addiction to snowboard has become too much to contain me in London, so I decided to pick up sticks and move to Italy and only 50km from my nearest ski resort. I will write about my epic journey next week as it deserves a post all of its own; it involves a volcano, near death experiences and a crazy journey across Europe…

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  1. Any updates on the journey to italy?

  2. Is this the end of Comic Bongo?

  3. Hello no this not the end of Cosmic Bongo.
    Just preparing for a new season and some new adventures.

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