We’ve all had days when we get back from the slopes, our legs hurt, we did not get to bed as early as we hoped, or for number of various reasons, are not up to attending the traditional apres scene. Here are some ideas for alternative activities, when in a ski resort.

So here are a few ideas for you to try out.

You can almost always find a local band playing a gig, and a proper one at that, not the cliche songs roaring at the apres-ski bars. Look for flyers posted around town or just follow your ears, they will always lead you to an Austrian covers band playing ” no vooman no cry.”

A personal  favourite of mine is to head back on mass to the Chalet and play a knockout rules version of beer pong (remember to play beer pong with plastic cups) this will always end up ugly, because it is not big or clever, but it is always fun,  specially if  you try to continue playing it through dinner, which your chalet host has lovingly knocked up in 30mins he or she has been back from the apres ski bar .

Some resorts are known for their gambling, places such as Tahoe in California, and Davos in Switzerland. If the resort you’re staying in does not have a casino, you can always try playing online poker.

If you’re the type that always brings along a video camera to get a little edit together, why not get some off-slope footage together? Time lapses and scenic mountain views are best shot when the lifts have closed for the day. Why waste precious time on the mountain fiddling about and recording a 5 minute clip of some clouds moving across the sky?

If all else fails, just take a spoon full of cement and toughen the f*#k  up, you’re on holiday, and after the first couple of Jagermeister you will not feel the pain in your leg or at least not care any more and remember to play Cosmic Bongo Ski Bingo.

Until next time… keep boarding

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