I know this is a bit off the slope for this snowboarding and winter sports blog, but I feel I have to tell you about a great new band I discovered by complete accident two weeks ago in the Water Rats, club in London.

Let me fill you in on the details of this fine discovery; if you are not familiar  with the Water rats, club,  is in Kings Cross in London and is a hot spot for seeing new band on the brink of stardom or a life of obscurity, out of the hundreds of bands that pass through the doors to play in front of the hallowed mock red velvet curtains, only a hand full become anything of note and a rarer few become house hold names, like Oasis, Kaiser chiefs or The darkness to name a few.

It was a regular Wednesday night in London a couple of week ago, I was asked by a friend to go see a band she knew, she knows I am a sucker for live music and love to see a good band, so I agreed to check this band, and they were a very good band! but unfortunately I have seen hundreds of good bands over the years, they have all started to meld into one, none standing out from the other.

However the next band saved my night from becoming a painful night of ringing ears and feeling numb from a lack of originality.

My saviours were a band called Molloy, the most truly original band I have seen in maybe 10 years, and I hate to admit it ,but I saw The Darkness when they made their own catsuits.

Molloy call themselves Hair metal on a Commodore!”, so you can guess they are on the left of field and exactly the way I like it, but it is their hook driven tunes that will have you singing along even if you have never seen this band before, also you will fall in love with  Caz Hellbent; Hellbent is the most sensual and powerfully mesmerizing singer you will experience, I had to stop myself screaming like a 13 year Take That fan, and Hellbent was only doing the sound check.

So  I have decide to break from the normal snowboarding, skiing and winter-sports news and stories, and tell you to check this band out while you can, I will definitely be at the Club Fandango @ 229, Great Portland St gig.

So you can all go and hear/see the new songs…
And show the industry they  rock!

6th February – FLU @ Tommy Flynns, Camden

17th February - Club Fandango @ 229, Great Portland St

Both are gonna be early slots (8ish) so you can go straight from work, drink and even go to work the next day(bonus).

Until next time keep rocking!!!

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