It is Christmas and the snowboard and ski season is officially here, the snow is looking great and everyone at Cosmic Bongo is getting ready for our first trip to the mountains this season, and we quite frankly cannot wait.

I, for instance, have been jumping up and down with joy at the mere thought of the shredding ahead, especially with the impressive amounts of fresh powder due to hit the Alps just before I land in Italy, for 3 weeks of “tom foolery”.

However, before I head off to the mountains and the snow, I still have to cope with the crazy weather situation in London and the surrounding area; the rest of Europe has to deal with at least 150cm of snow every year and the airports, buses and Kebab shops still operate as usual, but in London it is a different ballgame all together; with just 5cm the City goes insane, with mass hysteria everywhere, with all transport grinding to an halt and the authorities declaring the area, a code 4 disaster zone. Not to mention the poor souls stuck in the Euro tunnel due to the wrong kind of snow… Also you cannot get to snowboard or ski at the snow domes or snow centres due to roads and trains lines being shut because of too much snow, who would believe it!

Then there is the London Ski Season, yes! The London Ski Season, as you can imagine, is an event that only appears when any amount of snow settles in Central London, no matter how little, and because of it this season can sometimes last only few hours: it is the most intense season full of lunacy and visions not seen in any other ski resorts. Where else will you see a member of the Hampstead elite in their brand new Prada all-in-one ski outfit and never been used Salomon skis posing at the top of Primrose Hill, next to an 11 year old child sitting on a tea tray stolen from his mother’s kitchen or a group of drama students laying in a crumpled heap wrapped up in torn bin liners in the middle of the makeshift piste.

The London Ski Season even has its very own snow park to rival no other, where jib masters can show off their impressive skills on a shabby hand built 5” kicker with a bald patch of mud in front of it for a landing pad. This is where even the bravest snowboarders and freestyle skiers can get 3” of airtime, while trying to trick it out to the max.

I do have to admit, I am not immune to the lure of the London Ski Season, as I am guilty of leaving my house in the wee dark hours of the morning (7:30am), before the grey London sun rises, to grab the first white-lines in the 5cm of fresh powder/ icy slush on Primrose Hill and love every minute of it.

The London Ski Season is not short on the Celebrity front either; yes, you may get the Royal Princes and the Beckhams in Klosters and the A-list Hollywood stars in Aspen and Whistler, but the London Season has Les Dennis with his dog and Lilly Allen on a stolen street sign.

So enjoy wherever you are going this season, be it St Anton or St John’s Wood! I will try and update Cosmic Bongo while I am away, but I am not sure what the internet connections are like where I am going. But I will be updating my Twitter from my phone, so follow me to keep up to date on everything Cosmic Bongo.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

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Until next time……enjoy the snow!!!

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