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The following snowboards from Rome and True Snowboards are my favourite boards to ride. These snowboards are in no particular order because I really like to ride them both and I keep changing my mind to which one I like best. If you disagree with me or have a top 3, let me know in the comment section below; I would love to hear from you.


Rome snowboards – Agent

If you have been following this blog, you will know I have been riding Rome Snowboards for many years now, well, since the Rome’s first snowboards to be precise; I was hooked on the Rome Agent the first time I ever strapped my boot into one, in Tignes many years ago.
I really enjoy riding this board because it’s perfect in any situation the mountains can throw at you: jibbing in the snow park, blasting down a freshly groomed piste on the first run of the morning and hearing the corduroy textured slope rattling under your feet, or by a sheer stroke of luck, stumbling across a fresh patch of undiscovered powder that’s just begging you to make fresh tracks in it. The Rome Agent takes all of these conditions in its stride and never ceases to deliver.
As I have always said, “why take 3 boards onto the mountain? Take one, just “board and Go”.


True Snowboards

True Snowboards are a must-have for any UK snowboarder because True Snowboards are truly a British snowboard company and the only snowboards designed and made in the UK. What’s more, they are fantastic boards to ride (I recommend in particular the True Expression Snowboard). I have ridden the Expression a few times now and love riding it just as much as my Rome Agent. To be honest, I will be buying an Expression when my Agent dies or maybe before that, who knows, if I am lucky. The look, feel and responsiveness of the True Expression board is amazing but it gets even better: for a poultry £75.00, True will also make you your very own custom designed top sheet, so you can hit the mountain with a truly original snowboard (look out for the limited edition Cosmic Bongo board soon). Other companies do offer this service but normally on a really below average snowboard and it costs a small fortune to boot!
True snowboards are not available in any snowboard shops; you have to order one on-line from True Snowboards directly here.
So get out there and get a True snowboard, and represent the UK. Go on I dare you to be different.


Last, but not least, check out the new website over at Bargain Boards, very nice guys, very nice!

Until next time …… get ready, the snow is coming!

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