When the Cosmic bongo Team goes on tour to the snow our favourite diversion is ski bingo.
Cosmic Bongo Ski Bingo is a game every group of boarders or skiers over 18 if possible, should play.
So I thought I would teach you the rules, there are not many and please drink responsibly, I do not want the daily rags knocking on my door because some idiot killed himself while playing this game.


To play this game every member of your group playing will need a hip flask with their chosen poison on them when on the slopes or away from the bars at all times.

On the journey to the resort each player will pick a Cosmic Bongo Ski Bingo card (ski bingo cards) out of a hat or snowboard boot; each card contains an action and phrase commonly associated with skiing and skiers and that action or phrase then becomes that player for the entire trip.

Every time a player’s action or phrase is spotted or heard, the player will have to “take a drink” from either his or her hip flask or drink in the bar.

That’s kind of all the rules; there are wild cards which I will explain, but it is how you play this game that makes it crazy and huge amounts of fun.

To really get the most out of this game, while in the après ski bar, you will need to get as close as you can to a group of skiers (older ones are better) as you can, by sneaking up on them, so you can hear their conversations without getting noticed.

Every time a key word or phrase is spoken by one of the chosen ski group, players with the corresponding cards must then “take a drink”.

Wild Cards:

Day glow skier card: every time a day glow skier is spotted, the first player to spot and salute the day glow is exempt ( now you have to salute properly like a good soldier ), but all other players must “take a drink”.

Death cookie card: every time, whether in the bar or chair lift, a player hears the words Death Cookie, all players must stand (not on a chair lift obviously) and make a toast to the death cookie, (the immortal friend of the snowboard; he who fells more skiers than all other gods).

Print off your Cosmic Bongo Ski Bingo cards

Once you print off the cards you will have everything you need, and know how to play Cosmic Bongo Ski Bingo.


I hope you have as much fun playing it as we do.

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